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The 'Health and Wellness Hub' is a corporate base for both body and mind. We cover Exercise, Nutrition and Mindfulness. As we look to encourage people in prioritising their Health and Wellbeing.

Bull at the gate are a bespoke personal training studio, based in holborn. They create the fitness content for the hub, whether that be workout videos, Live workshops or blog posts. they cover all bases when it comes to getting away from your office and keeping physically active.  


Nutrition is massively important, when looking after our physical and mental wellbeing. with a balanced diet and a greater knowledge of nutrition, we can achieve the best results. Natasha head is our nutritional therapist on the hub, who answers your nutritional questions and posts regular recipes, dietary and wellness advice.

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Our mindfulness content on the hub is for those wanting to find an escape. our intention is to create a space to switch off from the many stresses in life and partake in mindfulness exercises, like yoga Nidra. becoming more mindful isn't just about meditation but more about being fully aware of yourself mentally and physically.

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