Natasha Darné Personal Training

My Story:

I became a qualified Personal Trainer in 2009 and was keen to throw myself into the diverse area of Holborn and Mid Town. I became extremely interested in the individual needs for clients which drive my thirst for more knowledge about the body's systems and structures. 

From assessing and reacting to my clients movements (or sometimes lack of) I really started experiencing the mechanics and complexity of the body. 
This lead me on a journey to further my knowledge of the body and to look for different exercise practices. I gained a diploma for Functional Movement which taught me about gait and gave a depth of knowledge into joints and bone movements. However it was really after completing Franklin Method courses that everything just clicked together and made sense. I started incorporating Imagery techniques into my descriptions of exercises. This together with a brief education on areas that we are targeting really helps my clients to embody the movement we aim to achieve and create a TRUE progression. 

I have a vast range of mobility and fascial techniques, many not seen in your typical gym. My exercise prescriptions range from your power moves (Deadlifts, Press ups, Squats) to Pilates/ Yoga/ Dance moves which create a balanced and content body that looks and feels incredible. If your body is at war with itself you will never find progression. I will teach you how to listen, react and ask the correct questions to truly control your body in and out of the gym.


Level 3 in Personal Training

Diploma in Functional Training

Fascia (Franklin Method)

Liberate Neck and Shoulders (Franklin Method)

Matwork Pilates

Franklin Method Lower Back Trainer

Not only have I become fitter, leaner and stronger in the 6 months I have been training with Natasha but I have also learnt how the body should move in order to get the most out of every training session

Her focus on form, movement and proper breathing has completely changed the way I exercise outside of my PTs sessions and the results are a testament to her training technique.

I couldn’t imagine a better PT!



—  Liz Turgot, Media Company based in Holborn