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Colin Murtagh 

Personal Training

Colin has over 25+ years experience training busy city professionals. You'll find his workouts contain a combination of flexibility, mobility, strength and conditioning, optimising his clients programs by focusing on the area that is most needed.

Colin's core exercise beliefs:
*that consistency is key.
*that training should be for the long term gain.
*that staying injury free is one of the most Important things with regards to seeing improvement.
*that the ability to move pain free is paramount.
* that the body should be looked at as whole unit rather than a collection of individual pieces.
*that building a strong foundation is vital
*that small, sustainable changes with regards to training and nutrition builds the best long term results.
*that the work you do in the gym should make your day to day living more enjoyable.
*that you should always finish a workout feeling better than when you started.

Qualifications :

YMCA Fitness Trainers Award NVQ Level 2 Jan 1997

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

OLF Extreme Kettle bell Certified Instructor

Outbox UK Boxing Instructor

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Certified instructor

Paul Check certified core instructor

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Gray Institute 3D Maps

NASM Performance enhancement specialist (current)


"I have been training with Colin twice a week for well over a decade originally in the gym, and since COVID, online. 

Now in my late 60’s, Colin has transformed my life from being an injured sportsman since my early 40’s, with pain even after just long walks, to being fit and healthy playing golf and tennis multiple times a week and being a very active grandfather. Above all I feel flexible and physically able, with real confidence in my body, to sustain regular activity.

In our regular sessions Colin not only tailors an exercise programme for me in each session, but he also provides the incentive for what I eat and drink - which I listen to but do not always obey! We talk endlessly about sport and life; he has become a friend and confidante."

Paul Druckman - September 2023

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