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Spruce up your breakfast the right way!


I often get asked about mid-week breakfast ideas as we tend to find something easy that we like and after a fortnight realise we’ve been eating the same thing every morning.

Here are some of my favourites for a little inspiration which can be easily prepared in the morning or the night before if you’ve got an early start. Many of the ingredients are similar and can be stored, so you can vary your breakfasts throughout the week.

Remember sourdough can be put in the freezer.…just make sure it is properly sliced beforehand.

  1. Homemade cinnamon and apple bircher muesli

  2. Homemade (and healthy) breakfast banana bread

  3. Warming coconut porridge

  4. Fragrant omelette with basil and tomato

  5. Very satisfying banana and oat pancakes

  6. Smashed avocado, feta and lemon on sourdough

  7. Greek yoghurt, granola and toasted flaked almonds

Easy toasted sourdough with peanut butter and sliced banana

(see below for recipes / guidance)

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